Are Brand and Quality Important When Choosing a Projector?

Looking to turn movie nights into unforgettable experiences? Get the VAVA Chroma and elevate your home entertainment.

If you’re in the market for a projector, you’ve probably wondered if brand and quality are important. The answer is a definite “yes!” Projectors cost a lot of money, and the last thing you want is to buy a low-quality one. That’s why it’s important to know the reputation of the brand you’re buying from—and the product’s quality.

The VAVA Chroma is made by a world-renown brand that makes many residential and commercial products. VAVA was founded almost 10 years ago and is a Sunvalley Group flagship brand. The brand has sold millions of products worldwide. This projector buying guide reviews one of the best projectors on the market: the VAVA Chroma VA-SP003.

Introducing VAVA Chroma, a High-Quality Projector Made by a Great Brand

The VAVA Chroma VA-SP003 is a high-quality projector made by a brand that has stood the test of time. The projector generates supersized images on a dedicated screen or a white wall. When placed four inches from a white wall, it casts 100-inch pictures. Its great display resolution significantly enhances its appeal. You’ll love the Harman Kardon system, onboard apps, and triple laser light engine. Here are the top features of the VAVA Chroma:

Powerful Display Resolution

The VAVA Chroma projector provides awesome brightness and contrast. It produces 2,500 ANSI lumens of brightness and dynamic contrast of 3000:1. Its high contrast ratio means it delivers whiter whites and blacker blacks. It easily maintains dynamics in a room with low light. The short throw laser projector can display 4k resolution and supports HDR10. It quickly alters its output for the highest contrast.

Smart Features

The VAVA Chroma is a smart projector with an operating system built on Android 9.0. It offers a simple user interface and its home page gives you easy access to different services and settings. Boxy buttons let you easily access streaming services and the Aptoide store. The projector hosts popular apps and streaming channels like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and Prime Video.

You can connect to social media while using the projector as it hosts a myriad of popular social apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. Bluetooth integration lets you pair mobile devices and play music whenever you’re not watching movies or TV.

Multiple Inputs

The VAVA Chroma has all the inputs you need. It features three HDMI inputs. It also has 3.5mm minijacks for AV in and audio out, a USB port, and supports dual-band Wi-Fi. The HDMI input board allows you to easily access the inputs you want.

Great Sound System

A 60W stereo and Harman Kardon music system make this one of the most powerful living room projectors. It takes entertainment a notch higher. The projector has multiple audio modes to enhance your viewing experience. Bass notes have resonance, and high notes are strong and powerful.


If you travel often and would like to carry the short throw laser projector every time, you’ll be pleased to know it’s portable. You can watch TV and movies anywhere you like, all you may need is a plain white bedsheet. It has a small footprint and weighs 11kgs (which goes to show just how well it’s built). You can place the projector on a raised surface, the floor, or a bench a short distance from your screen.

The VAVA Chroma VA-SP003 is a high-quality projector made by a brand that has stood the test of time.

What Are the Top Factors To Consider When Selecting a Projector?

Brand Name

Buying a projector from a good brand is important because you can be sure you’re getting exactly what is advertised. A strong brand works hard to maintain a good reputation by selling high-quality products. Good brands also hire experienced professionals who are very good at building great products. Reputable brands design, package, and price their products well.


Top brands consistently create high-quality products that meet customer demands. One of the best ways to determine product quality is by reading customer reviews and testimonials. You can also research the brand’s other products to see what customers are saying about them.


Consider the brand’s trustworthiness as it indicates the respect and loyalty customers have for the brand and how strongly they believe it delivers on its promises. Trustworthiness is a public perception shaped by first-person experiences and interactions with the company.


While price isn’t always a tell-tale sign of a great product, in some cases it is. According to the Association for Consumer Research, higher prices always correspond to higher levels of quality. A small difference in the price may mean lower-quality materials were used. Don’t just buy a product because its price is lower.

After-Sales Support and Service

A company that provides after-sales support and service increases loyalty among customers and promotes brand advocacy. VAVA offers great after-sales support for the VAVA Chroma VA-SP003. It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 30-month warranty.

Short Projector Buying Guide: Features to Look At

  • Brightness: This is measured in lumens, which let you know the amount of light a projector can produce. A projector with 1,000 ANSI Lumens and above is bright enough for home theatre use.
  • Display Resolution: A high resolution means more pixels have been used to create the image so it’s crisper and clearer.
  • Contrast Ratio: This is the ratio between the black and white image portions. A contrast ratio of 2,000:1 or higher is excellent.
  • Color Accuracy: A projector without good color accuracy produces images that look washed out, dull, or are too bright.
  • Inputs: A good projector has popular inputs like HDMI, VGA and DVI. The HDMI input is the most used connection.

Buy the VAVA Chroma and Create a Powerful Home Theatre

The VAVA Chroma is built for TV and movie lovers. It can project larger images than a smart TV without losing image quality—and the images are much clearer. It’s easier on the eyes and greatly enhances eye comfort. Get it today and turn your living room or bedroom into a theatre.

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